Whether you have a single item or multiple items to be delivered to a single or multiple locations across London or Greater London, our delivery service is the solution! Very often, people don’t know what to do when they have a few things or even just a single item to be taken somewhere else across the city, and hiring a large moving company for the job is simply time consuming and costly. Rapid Removers have a pickup and delivery service that is both speedy and cost effective, whether it’s just a few boxes or a fridge or washing machine. Our delivery services are quick and they won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Deliveries in London

If you have any small or large items such as a sofa, bed or anything else you just want to have delivered to make some space in your home or get something picked up for you, you can count on our friendly and efficient delivery men to handle the job. We have multiple movers and can also perform multi-destination pickups and deliveries. Delivery Company London will ensure your items are loaded, secure and unloaded safely from start to finish. They will help to load and unload on a room to room basis and can even help with other tasks such as furniture assembly or disconnecting and reconnecting a washing machine. When you hire our London Pickup and Delivery Service, you are sure to experience one of the smoothest delivery services in the UK.

Same day & safe deliveries across London and surrounding areas

If you need to have a fragile or delicate item delivered in Greater London, you can rest assured the goods will be in good hands. London Delivery Service will handle all items with the utmost care and attentions as well as protect your possessions such as TVs, fridges and much more with protective covers if needed. We also guarantee same day delivery service to any address in London, or the entire UK! The London Pick up service can also pick up from multiple locations on the same day. Whatever the case, we always aim for the best possible service for our customers from start to finish.

Reliable deliveries of multiple and large items

Fridges, washing machines, cookers, etc.Sometimes you can go shopping and you want to take something home straight away but the means of transport when it comes to convenience and size might not always be at hand. This is different now that you know us! London Deliveries are our speciality, so if there is something you like at a store or on a classified website such as craigslist, you can rely on us to pick up and deliver any item or items for you. Our vans are large enough to fit up to the contents of a 2 bedroom property so you can shop away and not have to worry about multiple trips. Even if you have multiple goods at different locations, we can help you plan and arrange the quickest and most efficient delivery service for you. London Pickup and Delivery company work 7 days a week and are very flexible with time.