Whenever you decide to move from one place to another, it’s obvious that you’ll need some help and a moving van. Rapid Removers can provide all the materials and all pairs of hands you could need for any move, from local to international moves. Our local home movers in Greater London are nearby and ready to help you with the entire move, including packing if need be. The home movers are well trained, experienced, friendly and reliable so you can rest assured that all your possessions will be moved from A to B without a problem.

Movers unloading the moving truck

How your London Home Removals team will help you on the day:

Many people think that the movers will only help take thing to the van, from in front of your door, transport them the new address and just leave everything in front of the door of the new property. Our London home moving service is different. When a customer books a moving service with us, we will send moving men fully equipped for the job – whether it’s a small move or a big one. The home moving team will carefully load everything that needs to be moved safely onto the van, whether it’s big or small. The van we will send will be one adequate for the job and it will include all necessary materials to ensure your move will be made safely without any risk of damage. All our vans include transit blankets, ties, straps, special covers for TV, fridge, washing machines and much more. Our Moving Company in London always takes every step to make sure that everything and everyone will be safe and nothing gets damaged during transit.

A quiet street in the outskirts of LondonOur Reliable Movers in London are insured, but they will always ensure that everything is safe – wherever you’re moving to – simply to avoid the stress and time consuming process of making an insurance claim. Even during loading stage of your move, our home movers will tell you if they see something that is not packed well enough or inadequately protected. In the case of being something like a box with not enough tape, our movers will just go ahead and tape the box further to make sure nothing falls out during transit.

Whenever your move is made with Rapid Removers, you can also get a free lift to your new address in the moving van. This is part of also helping you on the day so you get to your destination at the same time as the movers as well as saving you money on a taxi or train ride. When the moving team arrive at your new address, they will delicately move all your possessions from the van to the inside of your home or office and will also take them to the room you desire and place them where you command. This is also the case with multi-destination moves.