Thinking of moving home from one place to another inland can already be a hassle having from having to change address everywhere to the point where you can feel at home again, but moving country all together is a little different. Although you can get a little stressed having to plan so much, with Rapid Removers, your international move can be a lot easier. International Movers London can help you move all your possessions from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the world quickly without any hiccups. Our International Removals Service will work with you and will help you plan everything accordingly including customs paperwork. International Moving is not new for us. We have experience and can give you the best advice and service whether you are moving to America, Europe, Russia, or anywhere else in the world.

Docks in London in the late evening

The Worldwide moving and shipping service work together with the shipment companies in order to provide you a quick and smooth move cutting on the unneeded waits and delays. Remember that although everything you are moving will need to be placed on pallets; you won’t need to do this yourself.

Quick International Moving Service - from your home to the docks!

We ship to anywhere world wide iconOnce everything regarding your international move has been arranged, we will send you a moving truck to pick up all the boxes. He will load the truck and also ensure all boxes are numbered accordingly. Once the truck has been loaded with everything that needs to be shipped, the international mover will drive straight to the docks, count the boxes again and place all the boxes on pallets and ensure they are ready for shipping. Once this step is complete, normally on the same day, your possessions will be ready to be transported to your destination country. Our International Movers in the UK work hard to ensure your property reaches its destination quicker so you can rest assured that your move will be as quick as it possibly can.